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Get to Know the Underwater World at Seaworld

Get to Know the Underwater World at Seaworld

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Exploring and getting to know more about the sea is surely a fun thing. More over if you are a marine lover and would like to see the animals that live under the sea right in front of your eyes. It will be fun, right?

Well, you can experience all of that at Seaworld. Seaworld has some collections of biota that lives in fresh water or sea. For the fresh water biota, they have 22.000 fishes from 126 kinds and 28 reptiles from 5 kinds.

For the other biota that lives in the sea, Seaworld has 5.180 fishes from 26 kinds, 79 invertebrates from 13 kinds, 30 reptiles from 5 kinds, and 1 mammal. Wow! Isn’t that a lot?

Based on their mission, Seaworld Ancol always prioritizes education, conservation, and entertainment. Because of that, you can gain more knowledge and get a quality entertainment just by visiting Seaworld. Curious enough? Just visit the place! Just a reminder, the ticket box will close right one hour before the end of Seaworld’s operational hours. So, make sure you come earlier to have a chance to explore several attractions that Seaworld Ancol offers. Have fun!


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