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Get Your Local Taste at LōCARASA

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
13, December 2017

In Kemang area, South Jakarta, there is a place you can taste gelato with various Indonesian flavor. Inspired by Indonesian snacks, LōCARASA offering natural gelato, only use natural products.

From the outside, LōCARASA looks neat and simple, its display case show various tempting gelatos suit your taste. Most of them inspired by local snacks, like klepon (green-colored rice dough stuffed with melted palm sugar and coated in coconut), martabak (stuffed pancake with a mountains toppings), rujak sorbet (cut fruits with sauce), Klappertaart and es doger (coconut milk-based ice with pink syrup).

You can also try the uniqueness of vanilla Flores, basil, cappucinno Toraja and chocolate walnut gelatos with affordable prices. It all comes from farmers around Indonesia. 2 scoops gelato (100 gr) only Rp20.000, 3 scoops gelato (200 gr) for Rp25.000. Its pocket friendly gelato allows you to taste more.

Inside the building, you can spot appealing traditional snacks above the pantry table, like Tahu Gejrot (deep fried, cut tofu served with sweet spicy watery sauce), Kue Cubit (mini pancake-like cakes made in a mold pan), Surabi Solo (pancake-like consistency snack with variant toppings), Kue Pukis (coconut milk-based cake), Risoles Ayam Sapi (Chicken and Beef Stuffed Rissole) and Kerak Telor (omelet made from glutinous rice and duck egg served with shredded coconut). Various coffees also available here, like the favorite one, Choco-cheese Coffee, Choco-cheese Ice, Cheese-coffee Ice.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani