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Get Your Personalized Stationery at Forget Me Not

Get Your Personalized Stationery at Forget Me Not

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Want to have an exquisite stationery? Just have it at Forget Me Not! You can make custom stationery based on the design provided or based on your request. The stationery you can make here are greeting card, notepad, home décor, to invitation. Not only for yourself, you can also make it for a gift too. It will be unique and special because the gift can match the receiver’s personality, right?

Many kinds of paper, size, to color are provided here so you will have a lot of choices. For greeting card, Forget Me Not has the price starts from Rp125.000,- to Rp199.000,- for a package of 12-16 cards. For notepads with 40 pages is divided into two sizes, which is A5 with the price of Rp80.000,- and A6 with the price of Rp60.000,-. While for home décor ornament has a price range of Rp200.000,- to Rp350.000,-. To see the designs, you can visit the Forget Me Not’s website through the info and contact column below!


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