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Getting to know Edible Flowers

By Isny Dewi R

14 September 2020

Besides being able to add aesthetics to the dishes, edible flowers can also produce different flavors.

Photo source: Pixabay
Have you ever seen the beautiful, colorful flowers on a plate of food? These flowers are edible flowers. The use of this type of flower in the culinary world has been done for a long time. Besides being able to add aesthetics to the dishes, edible flowers can also produce different flavors.
There are many edible flowers that grow in Indonesia. Compiled from various sources, five of which you can see below, complete with their taste characteristics and their use in a variety of dishes.
1. Geranium (Pelargonium Geranium)
These types of edible flowers are red, peach, and pink. Geraniums are best used for sweets such as sorbet, ice cream, and other desserts. This flower has a slight aroma of rose, lemon, and nutmeg. Apart from that, the taste is also very soft. For Geranium, only the flowers can be consumed, while the stems cannot be consumed.
2. Borage (Borago Officinalis)
These flowers are generally blue and pink. Borage has flavor character between mint and cucumber. This flower is also often called a star flower because it looks like a star. Borage is very suitable to use as a mixture of savory foods such as seafood.
3. Nasturtium (Tropafolum Majus)
Apart from the flowers, Nasturtium leaves can also be eaten because they taste the same, a bit spicy like pepper. This flower is usually used as garnish or cooked with pasta. There are several chefs who mix it with plant oil to make nasturtium infused oil. There are also those who use the leaves to be processed into pesto.
Photo source: Pixabay
4. Dahlia Pompone
The flavors of this flower are vary, some taste like apple, water chestnut, to carrot. Its use is classified as flexible, can be processed into appetizer to dessert. It can even be used for mixed drinks and cocktails, as well as for garnishing pudding and wedding cake.
Dahlia Pompone size can be small and very big. For the big ones, only the petals can be used. While what is commonly used for wedding cake can be used completely. In addition, this flower is also very beautiful when used as ice cubes. Almost all types of edible flowers are suitable for making ice cubes.
5. French Marigold (Tagetes Patula)
Not only the flowers, French Marigold leaves and buds can also be consumed. Often times these flowers are used as an alternative to dishes requiring the taste and aroma of saffron because they are quite similar. Apart from that, French Marigold is also often used for salty foods, soup and salad.
Photo source: Pixabay

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