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Gojek Launches Gosure, Insurance with Affordable Premium

By Isny Dewi R

09 March 2020

Gojek working with PasarPolis launch an insurance service called GoSure.

Last February, Gojek launched an insurance service called GoSure. Working with PasarPolis, a digital insurance platform provider, GoSure is a form of Gojek's commitment to always provide technological solutions to facilitate customers activities.

GoSure comes with three main advantages including affordable premium price, easy approval of filing and insurance claims, as well as a variety of unique types of protection offered.

Through the Third Party Platform as one of its business arms, Gojek has launched various services in partnership with leading players in their respective industries including in the fields of digital donation, e-commerce, news, health, healthy lifestyle, gaming, and now in the insurance field, GoSure.

"GoSure services help open Gojek's customer access to affordable protection products that cover a variety of customer needs. We hope, GoSure can help Gojek customers run their daily lives more comfortably, or without fretting. We also ensure that customers get the best user experience because now, all of these solutions are available in one app," said Head of Third Party Platform Gojek Sony Radhityo.


"Through GoSure, we want to change the stigma in society about insurance that is considered expensive and the complicated claims process. With the range of application and technology reliability of Gojek as a mainstay brand that is so closely attached to the daily life of the nation, we are more confident to introduce PasarPolis products through GoSure so that more and more people will get the benefits," explained PasarPolis CEO Cleosent Randing.


GoSure can be accessed on the main screen of Gojek app. Insurance products offered include two-wheels vehicle insurance, cell phone screen protection insurance, travel insurance including air travel and train, and home protection insurance, with prices starting at Rp. 21,000.


Then how to claim? It’s so easy! You can submit a claim app through Gojek app with a process of up to 24 hours. Don't forget to prepare and fill out your form completely!

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