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Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Google Ads or Facebook Ads?


There are many ways to advertise your brand in digital world, from social media to Google Ads or Facebook Ads. About the last two, you may want to know which one is better to use? This is the brief answer for it.

Google Ads
We all know that Google is the biggest search engine on the internet. Google has many users and this can give you the chance to get profit. What will you get when you advertise on Google? First, you can control the ad position so it can be seen easily. Second, you can categorize the ad. So when someone types keyword relevant to your product, your advertisement can pop out. Third, your advertisement can use certain keywords. Make sure you prepare much money to use Google ads. This is important so you can reach the market target.

Facebook Ads
As the biggest social media in the world, Facebook has already been a place for people to socialize with each other through its features: like, post, share, comment, add friends, etc. Facebook allows us to pick our promotion target based on age, status, language, and country. So, your advertisement will only get to the people in certain categories. The weakness side is, of course you have to be an active Facebook user.