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Google Helps Learn from Home Process with G Suite for Education

By Isny Dewi R

12 April 2020

Google helping students and teachers in Indonesia to be able to carry out teaching and learning activities from home, through G Suite for Education.

The COVID-19 pandemic which hit the world including Indonesia also had an impact on the education system in Indonesia. The government made a policy of learning from home for students throughout Indonesia in an effort to break the spread of Coronavirus.

Seeing this condition, Google is also committed to helping students and teachers in Indonesia continue to be able to carry out teaching and learning activities despite being asked to #stayhome, through G Suite for Education which can be accessed free from Google.

Through G Suite for Education, students can continue to study wherever they are even if the internet connection is slow or unavailable. Schools can also use Hangouts Meet, a video conferencing app that can be used by G Suite users, and Google Classroom, so students can still attend the class and learn from home.

Google also offers free Hangouts Meet until July 1, 2020 with qualified features such as live streaming capability of up to 100,000 viewers in a domain, and can be used to hold big meeting of up to 250 participants per class that can be recorded and stored on Google Drive

In addition, students and teachers can also use Google Form to support learning from home process. Google Form app can be used by teachers to prepare learning material to be shared with their students.

Not only learning materials, through Google Form, teachers can also share videos to help students understand learning materials, as well as worksheets that can help students do active learning.

With Google Form, teachers can also give assignments that contain questions that need to be done. If the assignment has been completed, students can directly upload their assignments through Google Classroom which can later be assessed by the teacher. You can get more information about Google G Suite for EducationĀ on this link.

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Google Bantu Proses Belajar dari Rumah dengan G Suite for Education