Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Google Launchs Tangi, a Short-form Video App Focused on DIY

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
24, February 2020

The multinational technology company Google through its internal incubator Area 120, released a new app, which can be used to share short videos like TikTok. Currently, the app is only available on the web and iOS. Tangi allows creative users to share video tutorials or how to create crafts, paint, cook, makeup, and more.

Unlike TikTok or Byte, which focused on entertainment, Tangi aims to help people learn. "We only focus on DIY content and creativity," explained Tangi founder, Coco Mao. "The aim of our platform is to help people learn craft, cook and create something through a one-minute video. We designed Tangi to make it easier for users to find lots of high-quality videos of work, "Mao said.

Another difference between Tangi and other short video apps is a feature called "Try It". This encourages users to upload photos of the work they made from the remake of the video they watched as a way to interact with other community members.

Also unlike other social video apps, where anyone can watch videos and create accounts, Tangi enforces a waiting list for uploader privileges. Creators need to apply to be part of the video platform. This allows Tangi to ensure that their videos remain focused on creativity and DIY activities.

As an audience, you can search on Tangi whatever you want to learn or filter videos by categories, such as art, cooking, DIY, fashion & beauty, and lifestyle. Or you can simply scroll down the home page to find something that interests you. To save a video or show your support for the creator, you can click the heart icon to like the video.

Tangi can be downloaded for free on iOS, it’s ad-free and is not currently monetized in any other way. For Android users, it seems you have to wait patiently to be able to use this app.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.