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Google Maps Features to Start New Normal

By Eskanisa R

20 July 2020

Worry less running daily activities in regards to new normal phase with these features.

Have you read PeduliLindungi article as worthy application to prevent for getting and spreading COVID-19? And here is another worthy application to help you start new normal in regards to COVID-19 outbreak.
Google Maps is adapting to the new normal through features will help you do all daily activities while preventing for getting and/or spreading the virus. Google Maps is one of the best and versatile application which provides good advantages to help you travel during new normal phase.

Photo: Check In Jakarta Docs
For example, Google Maps will provide you information how crowded your public transportations—busses, trains, and others—in real-time. If the public transportations experiencing problems, Google Maps will also give you notifications. You can simply select station options to find out departure schedule and level of crowdedness.
Alongside with real-time information about public transportations, Google Maps also provides takeout and deliveries features for those who stay at home right on their main site to order food.
Google Maps will give you recommendations takeout and deliveries foods based on filter you choose, including nearby location, top-rated (based on users reviews), and visited or have not visited. Make sure to update Google Maps on App Store and/or Play Store to use all features.

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