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Google Maps is Oficially Back on Apple Watch

By Eskanisa R

17 November 2020

Introducing a simpler, more organized feature.

Photo source: Pixabay

Google decided to bring Maps back to the Apple Watch after debuted in 2015 and pulled in 2017. After abondoning Google Maps three years ago, Maps’s service has improved hugely on Apple Watch.
As reported by The Verge, this navigation service provides routes (directions) places people have saved on Apple Watch. This new version of Maps doesn’t let you seek out a new location directly from Watch.
This only providing route estimates and directions to and from pre-saved location on your Watch such as home and work. Hence, for new unsaved directions, you will need your phone to start the process then continue the navigation on your Watch.
In spite of the fact that this still a relatively basic experience, this real-time navigation service helps people to estimate arrival times as well as recommendation of public transportation. For those who willing to try simple version of Maps, you had to update the Google Maps app on the iPhone first to the latest version 5.52. The watchOS app also requires watchOS 5 or later.

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