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Goola x My Bowl Presents Original Indonesian Taste

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02, December 2019

Gibran Rakabuming and his younger brother, Kaesang Pangarep, opened the first flagship outlet that collaborates Goola with Mangkok Ku that present in Kota Kasablanka, South Jakarta. Don’t want to be outdone by food and beverage hits that come from abroad, this outlet offers traditional foods and drinks in 'modern' packaging.

The collaboration of Goola and Mangkok Ku aims to restore people's interest in Indonesian beverages and foods with quality ingredients and original Indonesian recipes. Gibran and Kaesang want to make Indonesian drinks and food continue to exist in the midst of international culinary trends that are now starting to be favored by many Indonesians.

Goola providing space for authentic Indonesian drinks that we usually find on the streets or through the front of our house, is now up grade and you can find it in malls. This beverage outlet wants to keep up with the success of boba drinks, which generally come from Taiwan and are now in great demand in Indonesia. Gibran and his friends want to take Indonesian drinks go global and introduce Indonesian culture through food and beverage to other countries.

Photo Credit: Instagram @goola.id

Goola has a quite affordable price range, starting from Rp. 18,000 to Rp. 27,000 with special menu such as Es Goola aren, Es Kacang Hijau, Es Merdeka 45, Pandan Coco Tea, Dutch Eggplant Tea, and many more. There are also additional toppings, to adding the pleasure of your favorite Goola drinks.

While Mangkok Ku serves traditional Indonesian dishes that are modernized and served simply using a bowl, with a price range of Rp. 19,000 to Rp. 54,000. They offer Indonesian menu from Mangkok Omu Egg Sausage Mayo, Mangkok Ox-Tango dabu, to Mangkok Brisket Onion Sauce with Onsen Egg.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @goola.id

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.