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A Homey Coffee Shop with The Best Coffee Blend

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13, December 2018

In this metropolitan city, coffee shops have become the need for most citizens. Not only they serve as a place to get a cup of good coffee, but also as a needed getaway spot to de-stress oneself. One such place is Gordi HQ, a comfortably isolated coffee shop in the quiet side of South Jakarta.

For those who haven’t heard of the name yet, Gordi is no new player in Indonesia coffee sphere, where it has been running since 2015 as the first coffee subscription in this country. The service facilitates the consumers with two different mystery coffee blends, selected from different coffee roasters in Indonesia (and sometimes overseas roasters), sent bi-weekly to their doorsteps.

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Arriving as an extension from its online service, Gordi HQ is settled in Cilandak, in a two-storey building with a glass house façade and walls that are dominated in blue. Strolling into the coffee shop you will find a homey living room-esque lounge space and the vibe is further maintained by the presence of hanging plants and couches.

Airy space, lots of sunlight, green outdoor space, Gordi HQ has a certain feel of openness that is welcoming and rare. Whenever the weather, the place has also coffee picnic that you can enjoy at their grassy yard.

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With a system similar to its online service, the coffee shop in Cilandak serves two selections of coffee blends that are rotated bi-weekly. Whether your choice falls on manual brew or milk-based coffee, you will always be hard to choose the beans, for Gordi is known for its talent in selecting the best coffee blends. Pick your favourite beans then pair it with your favourite pastry, which is made by Levant Boulangerie. Other than that, you can also opt for espresso-based drinks, chocolate drinks by Korte, and tea.


Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.