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Grain Traders Jakarta, a Homey Restaurant with Healthy Food

By Isny Dewi R

09 December 2019

Grain Traders is a healthy food restaurant with a mission to provide tasty food, but still healthy and with proper nutrition.

Now more and more Jakartans are adopting healthy lifestyle. This can be seen from the increasing number of healthy food restaurants in Jakarta. One of them that just opened in November is Grain Traders. This Singapore-based restaurant open its first branch in Indonesia in World Trade Center 5 office area, South Jakarta.

Grain Traders itself is a healthy food restaurant with a mission to provide tasty food, but still healthy and with proper nutrition. The restaurant, which was founded in 2015, serves a variety of unique and creative healthy food. Healthy food and life style are indeed the main concern of its founder, Javier Perez. According to him, foods that prioritize vegetables with grain-based concept can make life healthier.

Javier, who previously owned a restaurant in Indonesia, assessed that the Indonesian market is promising in accepting the existence of healthy food restaurant, which is why he dared to open Grain Traders Jakarta. He sees a need for healthier and more conscious food in Jakarta.

Photo Credit: Instagram @graintradersid

In presenting healthy food menu, Grain Traders Jakarta uses fresh ingredients with fast cooking process. This restaurant also uses local ingredients to suit Indonesian food tastes. All food here is cooked by grilling, roasting, stir-frying, and sous-vide method. Visitors can also see the cooking process directly through the open kitchen concept.

One interesting healthy menu to taste is Pineapple Kimchi, which has been fermented for 24 hours to create fresh and natural spicy taste in food. However, it’s still rich in vitamin and probiotic that can make the digestive tract healthy.

The Grain Traders' menu itself is designed by Culinary Director, Gisela Salazar Golding, which aims to enable customers to be creative and choose their own combination of healthy food with a choice of 6 grains, 7 proteins, 16 vegetables, 6 dressings, and 7 toppings.

Photo Credit: Instagram @graintradersid

Grain Traders Jakarta design concept is designed in such a way as to create a homey atmosphere, so visitors feel comfy. The interior is dominated by gray which gives shady impression. In Jakarta, Grain Traders embraces local artisans to create a warm room with a focus on organic materials and elements reminiscent of habited home.

In the middle of this restaurant there is a grain silo that hangs on the ceiling with painting by Indonesian artists. On one wall there is an installation made of metal by an American artist, Brandon Breaux. The installation depicts a mother who is harvesting wheat, in accordance with the commitment of Grain Traders who want to present quality food to visitors like their own families.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @graintradersid

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Grain Traders Jakarta
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Mon – Fri: 07.00 – 20.00 WIB

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