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Multifunction Green Guest House

Multifunction Green Guest House

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Kemang area is popular as one of the entertainment center in Jakarta. You can also find a guest house here, the name is Griya Patria Guest House. Located on strategic area right next to Pejaten Barat Street, you just need only 5 minutes to reach the place from Pejaten Village Mall and 10 minutes from toll gate.

They offer facilities and service similar to a three-star hotel. You can enjoy Bungalow, Suite Room, Triple Room, Twin Room, Double Room, Single Room, joglo-style meeting room, mini meeting room, two swimming pools, laundry, restaurant, Wi-Fi connections, spacious parking area and green garden.

With various packages offered, Griya Patria will suit your any types of activities. Such as family activity, company schedules such as meeting, seminar, or convention, to personal activity such as relaxation time in holiday. Enjoy the traditional warm and green ambience in Guest House Griya Patria.


Jl. Pejaten Barat Ps. Minggu Kota Jakarta Selatan 12540 Indonesia


+62 21 7819464