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Gunpowder, an Eclectic-Style Hangout Spot with Delicious Food and Unique Cocktails

By Isny Dewi R

13 February 2020

Gunpowder is a place for everyone who is looking for good food, good drinks and good hangout moments.

If someone says that Jakarta doesn't have a new and interesting lifestyle concept, then you might not realize it. With more and more conceptual restaurants and unique bars, ISMAYA Group’s newest hangout place combines the two through Gunpowder Kitchen & Bar.

Inviting everyone to enter the miraculous world at Gunpowder, the room offers an eclectic and modern design that is equipped with hanging ethnic lanterns, winding wooden patterns, and splashes of color throughout the room for a modern-authentic look. Combining innovation and tradition, the cozy atmosphere of Gunpowder is a place for everyone who is looking for good food, good drinks and good hangout moments.

Photo credit: Instagram @gunpowder.kitchenbar

Presenting a modern interpretation of cuisine that is full of spices, rich, and delicious, the restaurant and bar at Plaza Indonesia offers an all-day dining experience. The first Indian chef to score a Michelin Star in Southeast Asia, Chef Manjunath Mural brought his talent to Jakarta. Chef Mural's distinctive cooking style is strongly influenced by his cultural background in Modern Asia and Traditional India.

Gunpowder gets its name directly from the seasoning of the same name. Also known as the hero of the spices from the South, this spice is an endless, versatile home-made ingredient that instantly elevates the diversity of any dish. Reflecting the seasoning, Gunpowder Kitchen & Bar promises a multi-sensory dining experience.

Contrary to what is considered public, Gunpowder is not really an Indian restaurant. Yes, this restaurant and bar indeed serves a variety of Indian dishes, not forgetting that each dish is given a contemporary touch with Indian colors and textures. However, Gunpowder is basically a restaurant that makes progressive food comfort and timeless.

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Gunpowder serves several mainstay menus, such as the starter Pani Puri Poppers, a popular Indian street food, made using flour as its main ingredient. Chef Mural adds a new sensation to this bloated puri by putting charred chicken and potatoes into small pieces, paired with mango or mint sauce depending on your choice, served using shot glasses.

A tantalizing Butter Chicken Pot Pie is highly recommended as a main course. This dish serves chicken feet cooked in an arrayt of finely mixed spices and tomato sauce served in a big terracotta clay bowl with a layer of puff pastry around the bowl. This dish feels perfect together with warm naan bread.

Photo credit: Instagram @gunpowder.kitchenbar

With a list of drinks made to your liking like the place itself, the bar area in Gunpowder serves cocktails unlike those served elsewhere. Inviting everyone to talk through the spice journey, the cocktail is refreshing, bitter, fiery, and fun.

Top photo credit: Instagram @gunpowder.kitchenbar


Instagram: @gunpowder.kitchenbar

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Gunpowder Kitchen & Bar
Plaza Indonesia Lantai 1, Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30 Jakarta Pusat

Open Hours:

Setiap hari: 10.00 – 22.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: (021) 2992 3039