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From Fukuoka to Jakarta

From Fukuoka to Jakarta

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Ramen restaurants are spreading in Jakarta. One of them is Hakata Ikkousha. This one originally comes from Japan, to be precise from Fukuoka. From where it came, Hakata Ikkousha has been established since 40 years ago. The name Hakata is taken from a village that is famous from its culinary variety. Now Hakata Ikkousha has opened several of their official branches in Jakarta. One of which is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk.

ou don’t have to worry about the quality of the ramen here, because each branch has a chef that comes straight from Japan. Many types of dish are served here, ranging from ramen, fried rice, donmono, hot plate, and porridge. No wonder that the restaurant is crowded at each meal hour.

Their ultimate menu is the Ramen Spesial. It offers choices of meat between chicken and pork. The soup is savory and the ramen noodle is chewy. These will definitely spoil your taste bud, plus the meat slices and half-boiled egg. There are also options for curry soup, tauco soup, soyu soup, and red dragon soup for chili lovers.

For the noodle thickness, they allow you to choose the small noodle, big noodle, curly noodle, Japanese big noodle, and red noodle. They also have extra topping if you need more. Don’t forget to order their Grilled Gyoza as the side dish. With a thick Japanese ambience for the interior design, you will feel like really eating in Fukuoka. Itadakimasu!


Rukan Cluster Garden House Blok A No. 1-5, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia





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