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Hakkasan A Classy Cantonese Restaurant Now Open in Jakarta

By Isny Dewi R

23 April 2019

Hakkasan, a fine dining specializing in Cantonese food.

Now there are many choices for those who want to enjoy oriental dishes in Jakarta. One of the new ones this year is Hakkasan. The fine dining restaurant specializing in Cantonese food can be found on the 25th and 26th floors of Alila SCBD Hotel in South Jakarta.

Hakkasan Jakarta is the 12th location of Hakkasan Restaurant, an upscale modern Chinese restaurant that was first opened in West End London in England. The opening of Hakkasan Jakarta is also the first in Southeast Asia. Here, Jakartans can try the best authentic cuisine in a luxurious atmosphere.

Entering Hakkasan, you will be fascinated by the contemporary Chinese-style interior design which is rich in wood and metal elements. Not only that, you will also be spoiled by 180-degree city view that adorns the large glass windows of Hakkasan.

And what about the food? The fine dining focused on Cantonese cuisines consist of a la carte menu and yum cha. The yum cha menu is only available for lunch, it is perfect as a friend to drink tea while eating dim sum. Dim sum at Hakkasan is special, because it is created with the best and luxurious ingredients such as truffle.

Photo Source: @hakkasanjakarta

One of the main menus that you should try is Steamed Grouper with Kaffir Sambal Sauce. The presentation is also quite unique, because it displays whole grouper with fillet meat. Once eaten, you will taste boneless fish meat with a mixture of fresh grouper essence and kaffir lime sauce which make it feel spicy and sour.

Another dish that is just as delicious is the veal ribs which is marinated with Cantonese spices and cooked for four hours. Once you eat it, you will taste the sweet and sour spices with the aroma of orange leaves and a little spicy, along with the beef.

For desserts, Hakkasan also offers a variety of sweet dishes made using local ingredients but with typical French cooking technique. The desserts in Hakkasan is more modern than the appetizers or the main courses. Like Panna Cotta with mandarin orange or chocolate sauce that is shaped like peanut, and puff with durian king swan-shaped.

Dining in Hakkasan will give you a new experience. Think that in Jakarta there are only a few fine dining restaurants serving Cantonese cuisines. Cantonese is a perfect blend of dry and fresh ingredients. Hakkasan itself will also continue to explore local ingredients and adjust the taste of the cuisine with Indonesians tongue.

If you are interested dining at Hakkasan, make sure you wear stylish smart casual clothes. Smart shorts are allowed only for lunch, but not for dinner. Wearing jean is permitted as long as you wear shoes and collared shirts. And one more, you are prohibited from wearing a hat in the restaurant.


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Lvl. 25 & 26 Alila SCBD Hotel, Jakarta Selatan

Open Hours:

Lunch: Senin – Jumat: 11.30 - 15.00 WIB, Sabtu & Minggu 11.00 - 03.00 WIB. Dinner Senin – Sabtu: 17.30 - 23.30 WIB, Minggu: 17.30 - 23.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 6281292168001 (WA Only)