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Halal Beauty Clinic with Best Treatments and Modern Technology

By Eskanisa R

18 February 2020

SUMIA, halal aesthetic clinic with best treatments and technologies.

Presence of beauty clinics in Jakarta and around is the answer for those who like to taking care of their face, body, and skin with various treatments and best products. One of ideal beauty clinic also known as anti-aging center, SUMIA Aesthetic Clinic ensures you get best experiences through their treatments which done by professional doctors and using modern technologies.

SUMIA also using natural ingredients which processed using modern technologies from trusted beauty products manufactures thus have halal certification to ensure any product they use is safe for your skin.


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Along with that, they only use high standard (quality) technologies to provide maximum yet safe results. For example is Blackdoll Laser which is combination of ND-YAG laser with carbon blackpeel cream help you get rid of black spots, brighten face as well as rejuvenating skin.


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SUMIA also offering laser tattoo removal using the same exact ND-YAG laser technology and special laser lenses to remove permanent tattoos on surface of your skin by breaking down the (tattoo) color pigments.

For those who might have problem with black lips, try this Pink Lip Laser which also use ND-YAG laser technology to brighten color of your (black) lips while healing chapped and dry lips. There is available online consultation through WhatsApp with number listed on contact details.



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SUMIA Aesthetic Clinic
Jl. Bintaro Utama V Raya ED 1/10, Bintaro Jaya, Tangerang Selatan

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Phone: 08119102800 (konsultasi online via WhatsApp)