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A Community Loves Old Phone

By Isny Dewi R

17 December 2018

Hape Jadul Jakarta community loves hunting old phone.

Something about old is not always forgotten. For Hape Jadul Jakarta (HAJAKA) community, there is a thing that still valuable though it is so old. It’s handphone or what now we called as smartphone.

Yes, if most people now complacent with what sophisticated smartphone has to offer. But, HAJAKA never forget how old phone were so merit for them in the past. They are still looking for, even collect those old phones. HAJAKA itself now has more than 100 members. They often gather together, for discussion or sharing information, includes if there is a member who has problem with their old phone.

Often, there is buy and sell transaction among members. The price is variative. The more complete the old phone is, with a box and very rare in the market, the price is higher. Among them are Nokia communicator type with price starts from Rp1.000.000, and Siemens NS S4 with its unique frog-charger.

They get old phones from someone’s personal collection or hunt at secondhand market. But need foresight to get good quality old phones. For those wanting to join and curious about the community, you can follow their Facebook Komunitas Hape Jadul Jakarta. Be cool! Although they love to collect old phones, but most of members are young people.

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