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Have a Beautifully Lashes at Byra Lash Bar

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
11, August 2017

Eyelash extension now become a new trend for every beauty enthusiasts. Most women choose this treatment to avoid mascara. Thicker, longer and curler lashes absolutely make your eyes look more beautiful. Want to try eyelash extension? Come to Byra Lash Bar.

Specializing in eyelashes extension, Byra offers you 3 best lashes selections suit your need, Byra Natural Set for natural look, Byra Soft Volume Set for thicker look and Byra Glam Volume Set for glamour, thicker and longer look.

Besides eyelashes extension, Byra Lash Bar also offering you a distinguish treatment called Byra Lash Lift. Byra Lash Lift is a special treatment make your lashes look more awake and longer without extension. Using keratin, lash lift make your lashes look more awake and seem longer, thicker than your natural lashes. And that one is perfect substitute for eyelash extension.

Byra offers eyelash treatments, for extension and lash lift, start from Rp275.000,- to Rp450.000,-. Please kindly make a reservation before you visit via their official WhatsApp and LINE down below. Have your beautiful lashes here!

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani