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Have a Culinary Journey at Jalan Sabang

Have a Culinary Journey at Jalan Sabang

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This culinary area which located at Jalan H. Agus Salim is known better with the name of Jalan Sabang (Sabang Street). This area has already been promoted by Jakarta’s local government from long time ago as one of Jakarta’s culinary areas. At daytime, this street only has regular shops and restaurants. But when the sun comes down, the street food stalls are getting ready to prepare their stalls.

So when the night comes, this street is filled with street foods on the side of the street. So this office area becomes ‘alive’ on night. Fried rice, bakso (meatballs), satay, and seafood are just some of the food that you can find here.

Between the buildings in this street you will find a small alley which has been revitalized to become Kampung Kuliner Sabang (Sabang Culinary Kampong). Here you can find many traditional foods in one area, such as Soto Ayam, Soto Betawi, Bakso, Sate, and Nasi Goreng. So, you don’t have to go all the way down to Jalan Sabang, just come to Kampung Kuliner Sabang.

Or if you want to taste the legendary satay, just stop by Sate Jaya Agung. This stall has already been here since 1975. The signature menu is their Sate Kambing (lamb satay), the tender meat will make you want more. Besides that, there are also Sate Ayam (chicken satay), Soto Madura, and Gulai Kambing. The taste is surely flavorful! Hmm… Which one you want to try?


Jl. H. Agus Salim, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

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