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Have a Relaxation in a Traditional Way at Jamu Body Treatments

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06, April 2016

Hello again, weekend! After a week full of activities, it is time to relax your body for a while to indulge yourself. Hearing its name, Jamu Body Treatments, we can know by the jamu (Indonesian herb) word that this spa is using natural ingredients and also traditional way for their customers.

The spa which first established in Bali in 1988 offers various treatment services, from head, body, to toe. There are several signature treatments from Jamu Body Treatments, the first one is Rose Petal Eye Mask where you can feel a maximum treatment for your tired eyes using Eye Balm made from Neroli Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and also green tea extract. This treatment can be combined with facial treatment.

The second one is Earth Essence Bust Treatment, this is for rejuvenating and cleaning your breast area using Kemiri Nut (candlenut) Scrub, Essential Oil Massage, and also Fresh Flower Earth Essence Mask then finished with Rose Balm. It’s perfect for breastfeeding mothers.

Next is Sugar Waxing, which is a waxing treatment to remove hair on the body where after you get the treatment, your skin will be given aloe vera and lavender lotion to soften your skin. Then, there is Cellulite Control which using stimulating essential oils to reduce cellulites with massage to activate cells to get rid of the fat and also toxic.

The last one is Warm Stone Massage, where you can feel a maximum relaxation from the massage and also the warmth of the stone which was taken from Bali, precisely Karang Asem beaches. The warmth of the stone will also loosen up your muscle and your week full of activities will be paid with your choice of Jamu Body Treatments’ signature treatments. Beside those treatments, you can also get creambath, facial, body mask, threading, and other treatments as well.

This spa also welcomes men who want to indulge themselves. Don’t forget to book the place a day before your arrival so Jamu Body Treatments can prepare their natural ingredients for you. You can contact them from the info and contact detail column below.

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono