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Have Fun Watching Movies Until Soaking Wet at Go! Wet Theater 5D

By Isny Dewi R

05 March 2020

Go Wet Theater 5D become the only wet cinema in Indonesia.

If you usually only enjoy a movie and eating snacks while watching it in the cinema, this is different from this one. Here you will watch a movie with soaking wet condition. The excitement and uniqueness that you can get in Go! Wet Theater 5D, one of the new rides in Go! Wet Waterpark, Bekasi.

Go Wet Theater 5D become the only wet cinema in Indonesia, and managed to break a record for Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).

Before entering this wet cinema, the officer will give you a raincoat so that your clothes and pants are not too wet. After that, you can store your stuff such as bag, shoes, and mobile phone in the available locker, so your stuff won’t get wet, too. Dont worry! All lockers are safe.

Time to enter the cinema. Once inside, you will find a dark room with a puddle. No, the cinema is not flooded, but because the concept is wet, so they made a puddle in the room. Not only the floor, the water also flooded the cinema benches. Very unique, isn’t it?

This cinema does not show new released movies, but a movie with a rafting-themed that lasts 5 to 10 minutes. During the movie, you will feel a sensation like playing rafting. That's because this cinema uses the 5D effect, as the name implies. Every audience will be given polarized glass to be able to feel the real effects like in the movie, with the added effect of a rocking bench.

Swift water in the film will give the sensation of being splashed by river water. When the film is finished, don't be surprised if you are soaking wet. In fact, not infrequently, water enters your shirt, though you are wearing a raincoat.

Interested in feeling the sensation of watching a movie in the 5D cinema until you are soaking wet? Just come to Go! Wet Theater 5D in Go! Wet Waterpark, precisely in ​​Grand Wisata area, Bekasi. If you come from Jakarta, you can pass Jakarta - Cikampek toll road and exit at Tambun toll gate Kilometer 21.

Top photo credit: Instagram @gowet_grandwisata


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