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Have You Ever Watched These Best Romantic Movies of All Time?

By Eskanisa R

23 July 2020

Best Rotten Tomatoes romantic movies to watch.

Photo source: gilaxia / Getty Images
Do you have any plan for this weekend? How about watching these best of Rotten Tomatoes romantic movies?

1. The Lunchbox
This one of the best of Rotten Tomatoes romantic movies of all time tells about Ila (Nimraut Kaur) to add some spice to her marriage through cooking (lunchbox). Unfortunately, her lunchbox for her husband has mistakenly delivered to another office worker as accountant and widower.
The Lunchbox has high Tomatometer score (rated by movie critics), 97%. Even David Jenkins, author of Little White Lies gave interesting review for this film, “A Rolls Royce romantic comedy set in Mumbai that rides on delectable, bittersweet central turn by Irrfan Khan.”

2. Sideways
A teacher, writer, and wine enthusiast, Miles (Paul Giamatti) asked his lifelong bestfriend, Paul (Thomas Haden Church) take final days as a bachelor before he get married to a winery in California. Miles stopping by his mother’s house when he reminiscing bitter memories at the time Victoria (Jessica Hecht) divorced him.
Miles also made a stop to a restaurant where he met an old friend, Maya (Virginia Madsen). In the same time, Jack being busy looking for his last date before married. Is he succeeded to win Stephanie (Sandra Oh) heart as his last date? Can Miles get over his ex-wife and start new life with Maya?
This romantic comedy movie also has 97% Tomatometer score out of 232 reviews. One of top critics, Dave Calhoun—deputy global editor-in-chief Time Out—said, “Intelligent, funny, and moving.”

3. Ash is Purest White
A movie by Jin Zhangke tells about dancer named Qiao (Zhao Tao) with his gangster boyfriend named Bin (Liao Fan) who working for corrupt property parties in a mining town. Right after his boss murdered, Bin got new position in Jianghu (term for fellow criminals). However, he was fully aware for rivalry between fellows.
When fight fired between criminals, Qiao shot to save Bin. Both were arrested, but only Qiao spent five years in prison. After released, Qiao realized the world she live changing nonetheless his boyfriend who got new partner. How they relationship work? Will Qiao take revenge?
This 2018 movie got 99% Tomatometer score. According to Michael Phillips as one the top critics, this movie is one of Zhangke’s peak achievements. “Pure cinema, and a story of underworld unlike anything you’ve seen before.”

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