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Having Fun at Ocean Park Water Adventure

Having Fun at Ocean Park Water Adventure

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Do you have a plan to invite your family to go to water park? Then Ocean Park Water Adventure should be on your list. Not just swimming, here you and your family can also challenge yourself. No wonder if Ocean Park considered as one of the best water parks in Indonesia. Do you want to know? Check the review below!

The first ride you have to try is Flying Tower. Here, you can having fun at 13 meters tall slide and it is do fast. Wow!

Or you can feel like crashed at Wave Splash, Giant Swing, and Shocking Quake. We can say, it will complete your visit if you try these rides. But you should have a minimum 130 cm body height.

Other ride we recommend to you is A Paradise For Kiddo. As its name, this ride is perfect for you kids, because there are a lot of games, plus, every ten minutes there will be water drops from a giant bucket. At this area there are 2 swimming pools. First, a pool with 0-20 cm depth for 2 years old or beginner swimmer with giant ride, like Giant Mushroom, Steamboat. and Jelly Fish. Second, a pool wih 30-40 cm depth for 5-7 years old swimmer. Adults can join here, too. There are Splash Town, Shell Slide and Atlantis Castle ride.

Photo Source: http://oceanpark.co.id

Other fun ride you shoud try, Totally Fun. This ride has 80 cm depth and artificial river along 500 meters, but the river flow is like the real river. Totally Fun can be enjoyed by kids with 120 cm minimum body height and adults with or without lifejacket. While wade the river, you can enjoy the view like cliff fountain, ship water curtain and many kind of sea animals along the river.

Adrenaline Rush can be missed, too. The privilege of this ride is the design made by a Canadian architect, and steep slope. Adrenaline Rush good for adult men.

Last but not least, The Ocean with 0 - 1.8 meter depth. At the pool, you will enjoy artificial wave comes every an hour for 15 minutes. There is also a Bahama pool with 80 cm depth.

For the facilities, Ocean Park has lactation room complete with hot and cold water for making baby milk. The management also provides medical room with an ambulance which always be ready to take visitor to the hospital if something bad happen.

Certified lifeguard spread in every corner of the rides stand-by and keeping eyes to your safety and security. The tickets priced only Rp 55.000 on Monday-Friday, and Rp 95.000 on weekend.


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