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Healthy Food Restaurant Promos with Delivery Service

By Isny Dewi R

23 October 2020

Recommendations for healthy food restaurants that offer promo and provide delivery service.

Photo source: Pexels
Are you pursuing a healthy lifestyle? If so, here we provide recommendations for healthy food restaurants that offer promo and provide delivery service for you that are still consistent to #stayathome.
1. SaladStop!
One of health food restaurants that is quite popular in Jakarta offers promo in the form of #makansehat package. The menu offered starts from Caesar salad, bulgogi salad, ginza salad, wraps, etc. This saving promo of up to 25 percent is priced with price range starting from Rp 149,000 to Rp 229,000. You can order #makansehat SaladStop! via WhatsApp or an online motorcycle taxi app. To see the full menu, just check on @saladstopid.
Photo source: Instagram @saladstopid
2. Grains of Glory
The next healthy food restaurant in Jakarta that also offers attractive promos for delivery service is Grains of Glory or GoG. With Awesome Bundle promo, you can get two menus and save up to 15 percent. The healthy food menus offered include The Rooster, El Jefe, Farmhouse - Mucho Gusto, etc. Prices for Awesome Bundle promo ranging from Rp. 119,000 to Rp. 189,000. For ordering, you can contact GoG WhatsApp number or through online motorcycle taxi app. If you want to see the menus offered, you can open
Photo source: Instagram
3. Salad Buah Kull
If you want to eat fruit with added sweet toppings, you can try Salad Buah Kull. This healthy food outlet located in Kemayoran area serves salads containing various fruits such as berries, apple, orange, and kiwi, as well as toppings from cheese, dark chocolate, to Oreo. If you order it through an online motorcycle taxi app, you will get promos with prices starting from Rp 39,000 for a 500 ml salad, to Rp 60,000 for a 1000 ml size.
Instagram: @saladbuah_kull
Photo source: Instagram @saladbuah_kull

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