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Hearty Healthy Food in South Jakarta

By Eskanisa R

14 Aug 2019

UMAUMA, eatery, coffee shop and houseplant in South Jakarta.

This newest café in Blok M ready to pamper your taste buds with healthy food. Blok M known as Little Tokyo with myriad of authentic Japanese food like ramen and sushi. Like an oasis in midst of Japanese soul food, UMAUMA comes with various hearty food.


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Inspired by comfort food in several countries, UMAUMA try to create their signature healthy dishes with a little touch of Indonesian flavors, like these Dutch Kapsalon (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Banh Mi Burger (Vietnam), Asinan Umauma (Jakarta), Japanese Summer Salad (Japan), Korean Bowl (Korea) and Watermelon Pizza (Italy).


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For refreshing drinks, UMAUMA has best selections of fresh juices, combination of fruit and veggie like Mighty Green which made of bok choy, apple, pineapple and mint also flavorful iced coffee milk, Es Kopi Susu Blok M, perfect choice for any food. A cup of iced coffee milk with clean after taste, just a perfect amount of coffee, sugar and milk. Such an enjoyable drink for coffee and non-coffee enthusiasts.


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Along with healthy food and iced milk coffee, UMAUMA also known as houseplant. You can find various indoor plants at affordable prices. Not only serves as decoration of your home sweet home or office, those indoor plants proved as en effective medium to clean your air. They also offer quality home décor made by @kalunaliving, @damdam_ceramicstudio and @umakayu. Why don’t you come over soon?




UMAUMA Eatery & Shop
Jalan Sultan Hasanuddin Dalam No. 18, Melawai, Jakarta Selatan

Open Hours:

08.00 – 20.00 WIB (Selasa – Minggu)

More Information:

Phone: RSVP: 081282007021