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Here is Mandatory Requirements on Flights If You Must Fly During COVID-19

By Eskanisa R

09 July 2020

Mandatory requirements for travelers based on Circular of The Indonesian COVID-19 Task Force.

Photo source: Pixabay

Traveling during COVID-19 is not an easy thing to do. Besides, you need to follow the health protocol, also trying to not spread viruses and other germs on flights. If you must fly during COVID-19 for work or emergency things, here is a mandatory requirements on flights you need to follow.
Quoting from the official website, The Indonesian COVID-19 Task Force has issued Circular No. 7/2020 of the travel of persons in the period of adaptation towards a productive and COVID-19 safe society. The circular mentions mandatory requirements for passengers to have while traveling including:
1. Every individual who travels must apply health protocol; wearing mask, keeping distance, and washing hands.
2. Domestic travel requirements:
 a. Every individual who travels by private vehicle is responsible for health and need to follow the protocol.
 b. Every individual traveling by public transportations, train, sea, and flight must follow these following requirements:
   1)Show identity (legal identification).
   2)Show a certificate of PCR test with negative result or test certificate of Rapid Test with non-reactive result valid 14 days on departure.
   3)For the unavailability PCR or Rapid Test facility in certain areas, individual who travels need to show a certificate of influenza-free from hospital or community health centers.
 c. Domestic travel requirements are excluded for commuter trips and people within the agglomeration region.
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3. Returning travelers requirements:
 a. Every individual who comes from abroad must follow health requirements, i.e. conduct a PCR Test, if cannot show a PCR Test certificate from the country of departure;
 b. PCR Test of returning travelers are excluded for Cross Country Borders Posts (PLBN) which do not have PCR facility.
 c. Referring to point b, every individual can conduct a rapid test and show certificate of influenza-free from hospital/health authority.
 d. Referring to point b, there are exceptions for commuter trips of Cross Country Borders Posts (PLBN) by showing certificate of influenza-free from hospital/health authority.
 e. During the waiting time for PCR Test results, each individual is encouraging to isolate at quarantine accommodation provided by government; or
 f. Self-isolate at hotel/stay with certification from Ministry of Health for COVID-19 quarantine.
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