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Here is The Most Popular Tourist Destination in Tangerang

By Eskanisa R

04 July 2019

Telaga Biru Cisoka, most popular tourist destination in Tangerang.

Most people cannot wait for weekend, they usually spend weekend with bunch of fun activities, like visiting popular tourist destination while unwind yourself. For those who live in Jabodetabek, they will definitely choose near tourist destination because they won’t get stuck in traffic. This time, Check In Jakarta will bring you to the most popular tourist destination in Tangerang.

Telaga Biru Cisoka also known as Telaga Biru Cigaru is an artificial natural tourist destination used to be mine that has been abandoned since 2005. The large, former excavation filled with amount of water during rainy season then turn to big lake. Here, you can find three lakes with different depths but have same colour of its water, bright blue ones.

You can enjoy beauty of its water from the edge or go around with rented boat for Rp20.000. Right after that, you can pamper your taste buds with simple food along lake’s edge. Telaga Biru Cisoka open at 7 am every day without entrance fee. However, if you bring your own vehicle you will be charged for Rp2.000 (motorcycle) and Rp10.000 (car).

There are many routes you can take to visit this lake. If you come from Jakarta, you can use commuter line from Tanah Abang to Maja or Rangkasbitung and get off at the Tigaraksa station. From Tigaraksa station, you can choose either angkot (mini bus) or ojek (motorcycle taxi).


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Telaga Biru Cisoka
Dusun Cigaru, Desa Cisoka, Tangerang 15730

Open Hours:

07.00 – 18.00 WIB

More Information: