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Here It Is, 4 Most Attractive Business in Instagram

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
26, April 2017

The more people focus on online business, the more they need social media as a tool to promote their business. One of social media tool which can promotes the business on digital platform is Instagram. Through Instagram the seller can show picture of goods that they sell, complete with the caption and price regarding the goods. Many businesses run on this popular social media. Here are 4 most favorite businesses on Instagram.

1. Fashion Business Products
This type of online business is never ending. To succeed in fashion business, you have to keep up with market trends fashion. If you’re just began businesses on Instagram, it would be better if you just focus on one type of goods course. For example, only sell the bag or shoes.

Post a photo and add some catchy caption in your Instagram account, so your goods can lure the buyers.

2. Make Up Business Products
Although they are so many beauty products where it can be buy in beauty store, but still there are certain makeup brand is difficult to find at most of the shops. That’s why many online shops on Instagram try to simplify the buyers to get a rare makeup product which difficult to get in the market. Sometimes the price of products sold was cheaper than at the store.

If you are interested to start this business, you have to focus and selective to looking the right supplier. Make sure that the products you are selling guaranteed its authenticity. To be more potent, you can call beauty bloggers or beauty vloggers to be endorsed. Therefore they can promote your products and your online shop account looks convincing.

3. Accessories Business Gadgets
Display gadgets sometimes make bored the owner. Business accessories gadgets are increasingly and become a favorite. Many Instagram accounts where offer and sell various accessories to polish the gadgets.

You must be an innovative and creative person to work in this business. If you can became the first person who sell the goods, you can gain a fairly advantage.

4. Diet Catering Business
Healthy lifestyle become a trend especially now days. There are variety of healthy lifestyle, for example such as healthy diet. It became a business opportunity in Indonesia. Today many people understand being healthy is important thing in their life. That’s why this diet catering business has becoming a promising business in Indonesia. Lots of online shop who sells their diets catering menu on Instagram. Usually they make the menu as package, starting from 7 days till 1 month with variation price.

If you are interested to work in this business, you must be understand and have the ability to cook or have people who know how to cook right and proper, so they can help run your business .One thing should not be forgotten, you also have to understand about the ingredients on which food is suitable for diet program.

Are you interested to try one o them?

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.