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Here's How to Join Mudik Gratis by Train

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02, May 2019

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) provides 2,500 free seats for people who want to go back to their hometown before Eid. Mudik Gratis program this time is held for departure on 26-30 May 2019, as well as for back to their city on 13-16 June 2019.

The program is held to help people to celebrate Eid with their families in their hometown. Then, how to take part in this Mudik Gratis program? For people who want to join, they can register starting from 26 April - 8 May 2019 via website. If you have registered, you are asked to meet a number of requirements, as follows.

1. The Mudik Gratis program is open to all people, except KAI employees, families of KAI employees and subsidiaries.

2. One participant may only register for once round trip.

3. Registration is opened on the site starting at 09.00 WIB and closed on 8 May 2019 or when the available quota has run out.

4. Mudik Gratis participants must have official identity document such as identity card / driver's license / passport / reference / other identity card. For family participants, they must show proof of family card.

5. One registrant can simultaneously register his family members listed on the Family Card with a maximum of 10 participants, and cannot register other person outside the Family Card.

6. One participant can bring one infant (baby less than 3 years old) without reducing the participant quota, but the intended baby does not get a seat number.

7. Registrant must include the identity number of the participants on the registration form in accordance with their identity card / driver's license / passport / reference / other identity card.

8. For those who have registered, they will get an email containing the registration details and registration number.

9. KAI will verify the registrant's data. Registrant who meet the requirements will get a call to re-register via SMS or email.

10. A verification email / SMS containing the date, time and location of the re-registration will be sent by KAI two days after registering.

11. Violation by the registrant of these provisions will be disqualified.

12. Train tickets for this free homecoming program can’t be canceled, changed name or changed schedule.

13. Participants must comply with all regulations and provisions of passenger transportation that apply in the KAI environment.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.