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Here’s What Couples to Know About Planning 2021 Wedding

By Eskanisa R

13 January 2021

Realistic solution on 2021 wedding plans.

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Welcoming new year, you may feel ready for an alluring, sweet new beginning with your loved ones. While this global pandemic makes the future uncertain including a lot of couples need to postpone wedding. In other words, pandemic surely paves emerging trends for couples to have micro-weddings.
If you’re ready for marriage in 2021, here are note-taking tips to have small, intimate wedding in light of the Coronavirus pandemic as quoted by Hindustan Times.

1. Oudoor Wedding
To reduce the possible spread of Coronavirus, best venue will be outdoors—plenty of space, natural ventilation, open air—instead of the usual ceremony in closed room. If you have no choice than hold ceremony (reception) in closed room, make sure invited guests less than 20 percent of room capacity (less than 30 people) accordance with new policy in the Circular on Guidelines for Marriage Implementation during COVID-19 pandemic as quoted by

2. No Buffet
When it comes to the wedding reception, buffet-style is typically forms of catering. It is unfortunate that during this pandemic, people are not allowed to provide buffet to reduce the possible spread of Coronavirus. But, you can provide rice box with custom, handmade pieces or hire existing staff for delivery while guests sit on their tables.
In line with this point, DKI Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Disparekraf) also issued 14 health protocol rules must be obeyed by event organizers including food serving where guests are not allowed to serve theirselves at buffet as quoted by Choose best vendor or catering service within your budget as well as providing safe food handling. 

3. Unique Alternative Concepts
Virtual and drive-thru weddings becoming new trends for wedding during this pandemic. Simply because, some event organizers provide video conferencing like Zoom to connect with plenty guests while brides and grooms are captured having ceremony.
This distinctive, virtual concept ensures brides and grooms still invite plenty guests and communicate with them through a link. They can even invite hundreds guests at once. In other hands, drive-thru wedding concept similar to the common reception. There is among tamu, bride, groom, and families to music while guests are not allowed to get out of their vehicles to offer congratulations to the couple. No shaking hands, hugging, kissing, all gestures to show your love in times of social distancing. There is also no photo session and buffet, but still all guests given rice box and souvenirs at the exit way. 

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