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20, August 2015

Hermawan Kertajaya is a marketing expert who is also the founder of well-known marketing consultant firm, MarkPlus. This one and only non-Moslem sharia banking consultant hired by Bank Indonesia was also active being a columnist in some media. In the middle of his bustle, Hermawan also wrote books about business and marketing in Indonesia and also international. Because of his knowledge and experience, Hermawan is listed on the “50 Gurus Who Have Shaped The Future of Marketing” on the version of The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

His thought about marketing is known as futuristic, such as marketing will be the most important thing in modern management. He always says that if we want to build a strong brand, a company should not just rely on advertisement. A company should do something that touches consumer’s mind, not only selling but also having a futuristic implication. His innovative and revolutionary thought often makes him as reference of marketing locally and also globally.

Behind his many achievements, Hermawan once stood on a long road full of obstacles. Born from a less fortunate Chinese family, Hermawan’s childhood was spent in simplicity life. Although he lived as it was, Hermawan reminisced his father who was a cashier in one of Indonesian state-owned enterprises, who always taught him to be an honest man and have high nationalism sense.

Hermawan went to school while working as a private teacher. Because of his hard work, after graduating from high school, Hermawan was able to continue his education to the Institute of Technology 10 November Surabaya (ITS). Unfortunately, after some time, he was dropped out because he was lack of talent in technic. With his good skill of mathematics and physics, Hermawan contributed as a teacher in SMAK St. Louis, Surabaya, and then being the favorite teacher of his students.

While teaching, Hermawan continued his education on Faculty of Economic, Udayana University. After finishing his college in short period with satisfaction, he once worked in some companies before finally hired by elite company PT. HM Sampoerna to manage PT. Panggung. After some years dedicating him self to HM Samperna, in 1990, Hermawan chose to resign from that one of the biggest tobacco companies in Indonesia and started to build MarkPlus, a marketing research and consultant company in his hometown, Surabaya.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina