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High Spirit of Nationalism Inside Pandji Pragiwaksono

High Spirit of Nationalism Inside Pandji Pragiwaksono


For you who ever watched a reality show named ‘Kena Deh’ back in 2008, you may already familiar with the host. He is Pandji Pragiwaksono, a man who was born on June 18, 1979, and now known as a presenter, rapper, writer, and a single comedian or stand-up comedian.

Pandji is seen to have high spirit of nationalism. We can easily read his critics about the issues spread in our country that he wrote on his social media. Pandji very concerns about this country and he wants to trigger youngsters to keep improving Indonesia to be a better country through his writings on his site.

Pandji also writes book with a title “Nasional.Is.Me”. This book is about ‘injection’ for Indonesian youngsters to make them optimistic and love their own country among the complex political condition nowadays. Through this book, Pandji expects to give a better change for nation. Pandji, who is also a stand-up comedian, often brings out the topic of nationalism and make the audience amazed with his smart words.

As a rapper, his song lyric also contains a hint of issues in Indonesia. The words said by Pandji are always inspiring and smart with his entertaining way of speech. Talking about the country issue is not always in serious way, so Pandji does that in unique package and successfully makes him have a lot of fans.