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Highly Recommended Korean Movie Thrillers to Watch Now

By Eskanisa R

14 December 2020

These are adrenaline pumping for those who appreciate thriller ones.

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If thrillers are your favourite genre of Korean movie, you can enjoy all the adrenaline flow while watching these movies having fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

1. Burn
For The Walking Dead fans, Steven Yeun might be most remembered as Glenn. Join with Yoo Ah-in and Jeon Jong-seo, this movie starring Yeun adapted from Haruki Murakami short story, Barn Burning.
Right from the beginning, Lee Chang-dong as director leave the chills feeling behind perfect scenes to scare people away. This one tells story about massive investigation for a man who burn a warehouse.
Jong-su (Yoo Ah-in), a kind, shy, indecisive man, faced odd jobs through a difficult time. He then met a girl friend, Hae-mi (Jeon Jong-seo). Hae-mi asked him for taking care of her cat at home while she going to Africa. In a short span of time, Jong-su have feelings for her.
Sad to say, Hae-mi came with another boy friend she met in Africa, Ben (Steven Yeun) and introduced him to Jong-su. They three met often, until Ben and Hae-mi decided to visit Jong-su’s place. The strange and unusual things started. Watch all you want at VIU.

2. Time to Hunt
Return after his success on Oscar-winning movie, Parasite, Choi Woo-shik join with Lee Je-hoon, Ahn Jae-hong, and Park Jung-min in Time to Hunt. Directed by Yoon Sung-hyun, this thriller movie tells story about four incompetent young thieves who decide to survive pessimistic future.
Joon-seok (Lee Je-hoon) asked his boys;Ki-hoon (Choi Woo-shik), Jang-ho (Ahn Jae-hong), and Sang-soo (Park Jung-min) to rob an underground casino and start new life in other country, Taiwan.
It is unfortunate things do not go as they planned because they are hunted by a relentless killer. Did they manage to escape and start new fresh life in Taiwan? Watch the rest of this movie only on Netflix.

3. Mother
Long before Parasite, director Bong Joon-ho was known for his great movie, Mother. This one tells story about mother and her son with intellectual disability. Do-joon (Won Bin) suddenly arrested by the police on charge of murdering a student.
Evidence and withness testimony incriminated him even her mother believe that her son innocent. The mother (Kim Hye-ja) struggled to set her son free from the false accusation. She decided to hiring most expensive lawyer, find evidence, and get information from people around the scene. Will her struggle really pay off? Enjoy the full story at Vidio.   

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