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HijUp Islamic Way of Dress Up and Make up

HijUp Islamic Way of Dress Up and Make up


Moslem fashion trends are expanding a lot nowadays. The main function of covering skin is now combined attractively in various styles and models. Seeing the big consumer potential in Moslem fashion market triggered Diajeng Lestari to create an online shopping site specializing in Moslem fashion called HijUp. Her dream was achieved in 2004 where HijUp being one of the seventeenth most popular e-commerce in Indonesia.

HijUp now provides more than 200 Moslem fashion brands with various products such as hijab clothings, accessories, shoes, bags, etc. More than 100 designers take part on this project. Some of them are the well-known fashion designers in online media, such as Dian Pelangi, Ria Miranda, and Jenahara.

In this 2015, HijUp claims that they have reached two millions of visitors this year. Not only from Indonesia, but also Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Australia, USA, England, and some other European countries.