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History of Black Lives Matter Movement

By Eskanisa R

16 June 2020

From hashtag to movement and trending topic worldwide.

Photo source: Pixabay
The killing of George Floyd, African American man in Minneapolis by police brutality has sparked global protest. Again, people around the world voicing Black Lives Matter. Movement of Black Lives Matter was created by three organizers, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi. Before made a strong commitment and put their bodies on the line for Black lives, they confronted so many uncomfortable truths. In 2013, they initiated first movement as a protest against release of Trayvon Martin murderer in Florida.
George Zimmerman, a white man accused for killing a black teenager – Trayvon Martin – was found not guilty and set free in July 13. Later, Alicia Garza uploaded a letter on her Facebook page as feeling of displeasure caused by the unfair judgement. In the comment section, Patrisse Cullors put the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, while Opal Tometi as the chairman of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration social movement invited both of them to make platform to eliminate racism against minority groups. Hence, July 13 marked as anniversary of Black Lives Matter movement.
When we are talking about racism in the United States, this movement is not only seeks justice for black people but also other minority groups including Asians, transphobia, homophobia as well as sexism. Since 2016, this great movement began to spread the other countries. It caused with the exact same issues, racism against black people. At that time, Black Lives Matter has sparked in France right after death of 24-yeard-old black man, Adama Traore which accused to be killed in police custody.
Quoted from BBC, in spite of the fact that case of Traore happened 4 years ago, death of George Floyd gave rise to thousands people in Paris staged protest without following standard health protocol amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Acts of violence were inevitable, angry protesters threw stones to policies yet policies spit tear gas. 
Slogan of Black Lives Matter has also spreading massively through posters and hashtags on social media. Even though bringing great massage, large-scale protesters gathering in same spots without keeping safe distance from each other are feared to potentially transmit COVID-19 virus.
Therefore, WHO calls for safe protest including always wearing mask, washing hand or at least using hand sanitizer, covering mouth when coughing or sneezing as well as doing self-quarantine at home right after protest to prevent spread of COVID-19.

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