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History of Instagrammable Lapangan Banteng

By Eskanisa R

10 October 2019

History of Taman Lapangan Banteng in Central Jakarta.

As you can easily find, there are a lot of green spaces in Jakarta like Lapangan Banteng which becomes new favourite place to go. Revitalization in 2018 make Lapangan Banteng looks more Instagrammable than before. It is not surprising if you find a lot of Jakartans spend their free time here, either weekdays or weekend to do exercise, picnic, taking selfie, or see dancing fountains.

Before known as one of Instagrammable spots in Jakarta, Lapangan Banteng used to be called Waterlooein. It was a forest and home for wild animals including bulls. In that time, soldiers who are on their vacations came here to hunt.

Once upon a time, Anthony Paviljoen, a landlord, tycoon, cut down this forest and made them into his property (land). After being cut, name of Lapangan Banteng changed to Paviljoensveld (Paviljoen Square) based on the name of its owner.

Lapangan Banteng faced moving ownership for several times, from Paviljoen to Cornelis Chastelein, Justimus Vinck and leased to Chinese people used it as a field for sugar can and livestock (cattle and buffalo).

During Daendels era, Lapangan Banteng was used as a military training ground. There was a lion statue leads to Daendels palace (now Ministry of Finance Building). However, during occupancy of Japan, the lion statue which look like poodle was destroyed. Then, after independence day of Indonesia, first President of Indonesia, Soekarno placed Tugu Pembebasan Irian Barat (Liberation Monument of West Irian).

In the 70s, Lapangan Banteng was once used as bus station to accommodate people to Cililitan, Blok M, and Priok. 15 years later, the station was closed and returned to a park, again.

Nowadays, Lapangan Banteng becomes one of Instagrammable spots in Jakarta you should not miss to make your feeds look more attractive. Whether you come in the morning, mid even night, every corner of Lapangan Banteng look perfect as your background. Along with great architecture, the cleanliness of Lapangan Banteng is top notch. So, there is no reason to litter around here!

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