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Home Brew, Your Choice for Cozy Ambience and Tasty Dish

Home Brew, Your Choice for Cozy Ambience and Tasty Dish

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Any coffee lovers enjoy their long journey to find the perfect coffee in town. They usually come to one and another coffee shop.

In Jakarta, you can easily find numerous coffee shop, from various coffee, cozy place, unique design also high speed internet access make you stay longer and refuse to go home.

If you feel bored with at the same concept coffee shop, or you just need to feel different ambience, Home Brew in North Serpong, South Tangerang, is the right answer.

Warm ambience, extensive area, natural lighting along its mirror wall feel so different with numerous same concept coffee shop you have ever visited. Mostly coffee shop designed with dim lighting, but not with this one.

Jump to its menu, you can sip lot of premium coffee, like espresso, Americano, cappuccino and unique salted caramel – savory coffee. Home Brew also offers distinguish menu you cannot find in another coffee shop.

Taste their tasty stuffed chicken, breast chicken filled by cheese, mushroom, spinach and served with whole wheat bread and toasted tomatoes. Nom nom!



Jl. Alam Utama Kav. 2 No. 1, Pakulonan, Serpong Utara, Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15325

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(021) 29779296

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