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Home for Tasty Craft Beer

By Eskanisa R

05 November 2019

Coffeebeerian, home for tasty craft beer in South Jakarta.

Beer enthusiasts might familiar with this term, craft beer. Yap, craft beer itself is a small scale, both production and distribution beer, only for 6 million barrels. It tastes depending how they fermented the beer. Hence, it also has common taste people like.


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In South Jakarta, you can enjoy tasty craft beer at homey place named Coffeebeerian. Located at Jl. Ciragil II No. 26, Kebayoran Baru, Coffeebeerian not only serves craft beer but also local coffee as well as comfort food to accompany your drink selection like Beef Burger with Sweet Potato Fries, Pork Belly Fries, Roast Pork with Aglio OIio Angle Hair and Pan Seared Herb Chicken with Mashed Potato.


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Coffeebeerian opens until 12 pm (Sunday closed), so, for those who are interested to taste craft beer, can visit this place right after work. Do not hesitate come with your own self, you surely make a lot of new friends here. See you then!

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Jl. Ciragil II No. 26, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12180

Open Hours:

08.00 – 24.00 WIB (Minggu tutup)

More Information:

Phone: 08119880310