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Homey Place to Get Delicious Homemade Pizza in South Jakarta

By Eskanisa R

20 November 2019

Noi Pizza, homey place for delicious homemade pizza.

Craving for Italian food which people loved about, pizza? How about this thin, crispy homemade pizza at Noi Pizza? This hidden gem located at Jalan Pinang Kuningan I No. UL-4, Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta.

Their location, inside Pondok Pinang residence makes Noi Pizza have a little different ambience with other pizza places. Homey ambience makes people feel like at their own home. Clock, a lot of tote bags, and wall decorations make Noi Pizza look like an old house in England.


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This pizza place also carrying semi open kitchen concept where you can see the pizza making process. One of best-selling yet favorite pizza is Il Migliore pizza. It has thin dough topped with Bolognese sauce, minced beef, smoked beef, red and green peppers, champignon, piles of mozzarella cheese.


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When served in your table, melting mozzarella cheese looks so tempting. The crisp, savoury, and slightly sweet flavors of Bolognese sauce make every single bite of it satisfying. It all available in two sizes, small and large. Along with pizza, you can also give a try pastas such as Fetuccine Carbonara, Lasagna, Chicken Pesto Penne, Tuna Spaghetti, Aglio Olio dan Bogonaise for Rp42.000 – Rp50.000 per serving or 200 gr Striploin Steak for Rp100.000. To help get rid of greasiness, Noi Pizza offering you delightful Vanilla and Coco Panna Cotta.


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For those who will passed by Pondok Pinang – Pondok Indah area should visit this place right after work for having filling dinner.

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Noi Pizza
Jl. Pinang Kuningan I No. UL-4, Pondok Pinang, Jakarta Selatan 12130

Open Hours:

11.00 – 21.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 021 – 7695692 / 085101339494