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Modern Aesthetics in Medieval-Style

Modern Aesthetics in Medieval-Style

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Small hotel can also be a choice you can consider when you are looking for a place for staycation. Hotel Kosenda will give you the exclusivity just like luxurious hotel with their total of 60 rooms. For this hotel, not only the service and facility that must be good but also the design and room decoration that should be attractive. So, you will find their rooms in medieval-style with a touch of Javanese and Scandinavian decorations. Petita, Comforta, and Spatia are the names of the rooms provided by Hotel Kosenda.

First, meet Petita Room. A room with a size of 16 meters square with queen and twin bed. A 32 inches flat TV with iPod dock and iPod touch are the features you can get in this room. If you choose Comforta Room, you will have a bigger room with the same facility as Petita Room, but plus a mini bar and beverages selections inside. Different with Spatia Room. They have 33 meters square of room with bigger bed, a king size one. You will also get a working table, family room, private kitchen, and spacious private bathroom.

Although each of the rooms seems interesting, but you will be more attracted with this hotel when you know that this hotel also has Awan Rooftop. You will feel like being in the middle of forest with the scenery of Jakarta that makes this hotel so exquisite. Don’t forget to try their artisan coffee that you can get every time you stay here. This will be your special welcome drink.


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