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Houseplants that Don’t Need a Lot of Water

By Isny Dewi R

26 October 2020

Houseplants that don't need to be watered every day in their maintenance.

Photo source: Pexels
Did you become interested during the pandemic and #dirumahaja to care for houseplants? If so, maybe you should consider bringing these three houseplants because they don't need to be watered every day in their maintenance, perfect for beginners.
1. Cactus
You may be familiar with this type of houseplant. Basically, cactus is plant that usually live in arid area like deserts, because this type of plant has a lot of water reserves in its body. So you don't need to water it every day if you have this plant at home. Enough twice a week.
How to water a cactus can not be arbitrary. Water directly into the soil, and try not to water the stems too often, as this will cause them to rot. You can put the cactus in an air-conditioned room, but it is also recommended to dry it every other day. When drying it, try to get this plant exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Rubber Plant
This houseplant is also safe to place indoor or outdoor with direct sunlight. Rubber plant is characterized by thick leaves and can grow tall. Taking care of this plant will also not bother you, because it only needs to be watered 2 to 3 times a week. Even if you put it in the shade, it's safe to water it only once a week. In order for the Rubber Plant to thrive, you need to add fertilizer once every 1 to 2 months.
3. Begonia
This type of houseplant is famous for its unique leaf shapes, some even have hairy leaves. Begonia can be grown in the morning sun, and cannot be watered every day. It is recommended to water it every other day. Or you can also check the soil first. If the soil feels dry, you can water it.
However, don't overwater this plant, don't let the water stagnate or get too dry, because Begonia likes moist soil. For the pot itself, don't use one that is too big because it will make the plant hard to grow. And don't forget to give it fertilizer once every 1 to 2 months so that Begonis can grows well.

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