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How to Change the Theme and Color of Instagram DMs

By Isny Dewi R

16 December 2020

Now, Instagram users can change the theme and color in Direct Message (DM).

Photo source: Pexels
Not long ago, the social media platform Instagram updated its Direct Message feature to become alive. Now, users can change the theme and color in Direct Message (DM) room. The update is part of a change in Instagram DM which can be linked with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. With this new feature, now you can choose a theme and color for Instagram DMs, if you are tired of the classic white mode and the night mode.
To change Instagram DM theme and color, you have to update Instagram app to the latest version. If it hasn't been updated, you will get a notification on the Instagram DM page to update the app.
Here are easy ways to change Instagram DM theme and color:
  1. Tap the DM icon (Instagram DM icon now resembles Facebook Messenger icon) in the top right corner of the homepage.
  1. After that select Instagram account who you want to change the theme and color for. For the record, how to change this theme and color can only be done one by one, not all chat rooms on Instagram DM will change at once.
  1. After selecting a chat room or an account, click on the 'i' icon in the top right corner. In this section, you will find two options, "Themes", and "Colors & Gradients." If you choose a theme, it will change the chat room background and chat bubbles. Meanwhile, if you select Colors & Gradients, it will only change the color of chat bubbles, while the background will not change.
  1. Select a theme or color to change the look of Instagram DM. When you do this, your friend will get a notification about the change and the same theme will also applied for the person in the conversation.
There are four new themes for Instagram DM, TinyTan, Love, Tie Dye, and Monochrome. As well as 21 choices for colors and gradients, including Default, Berry, Candy, Unicorn, Tropical, Maple, Sushi, Rocket, Citrus, Lollipop, Shadow, Rose, Lavender, Tulip, Classic, Apple, Peach, Honey, Kiwi, Ocean, and Grape.

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