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How to Choose Lighting for Each Room

By Eskanisa R

22 October 2020

Right lighting that makes you feel comfortable.

Photo source: Pixabay
Besides adding function task lighting, proper lighting can enhance, improve the appearance of each room in the house. It is important that not only choose the lighting design, but also proper colours have big effect on the atmosphere in the room. Here are simple ways to choose right lighting for each room at your house we summarized from vary resources.

1. Colour
Dekoruma defines each colour creates different atmosphere and mood in each room. For example, adding yellow lights especially paler shades for living room, family room, and bathroom may be the best idea to create warmness. White lights give the impression of more colourful living while bluish lights in your bedroom or living room create a very calm and harmonious mood.

2. Room Size
For a small room, choose energy saving lamp (LED) which using less energy (watt) to produce the same light and not pose a risk of eye damage because of their low luminosity. The LED also make a room look spacious. So, choosing the right lighting source requires careful consideration. Adjust the size and colours to your comfort.

3. Room Function
Find the perfect lamps for your main room such as living room, family room, dining room and bedroom. For example, living room is made for relaxation yet entertainment, try to choose the right lighting to sends out warm ambience. Provide general lighting for those spaces help to change mood as well as light up the entire room.

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