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How to Enjoy Steak with These Tips

By Isny Dewi R

12 April 2019

Best ways to enjoy steak.

Steak is one of western foods that Indonesians love it very much. Steak is usually served with french fries or mashed potato. Quite filling and healthy especially if it added with slices of vegetable. Before being served on the table, there are some things that you should be noted. Here they are.

1. Beef Cuts
Beef cut type is not only a matter of location, but also its character. There are four types of beef cuts that are popular or commonly called primary cut. The first is rib eye, which is part of beef around ribs. The texture is smooth and more flavourful. The meat sticks to the bone, makes it more juicy.

Then there is the T-bone, a kind of complete and special cut. This beef cut has a layer of fat, soft meat and bone. On the one hand, T-bone is in the form of a tenderloin filet, while on the other side is the upper waist. Next up is sirloin, an Indonesian favourite beef cut. This type of cut is high quality and ideal because of its large size. The last one is tenderloin. This most expensive beef cut has a smooth, soft and low-fat texture. Cooking tenderloin is better not too long to get the best taste.

2. Steak Doneness
Generally, steak is enjoyed with four doneness levels, medium rare, medium, medium well, and well done. Medium rare gives you beef with a redder colour in the middle and a stronger taste. Medium is a steak with perfect doneness. The inner flesh is reddish, soft and juicy.

Medium well is the right choice if you want beef that is not too dry. Usually, the inside of the beef is brown and slightly pink. The last one is well done which will produce evenly cooked and drier beef than other doneness levels. Beef tends to be hard and less juicy.

3. Best Drink to Go with Steak
In countries with four seasons, steak is usually enjoyed with wine. But in Indonesia, wine is considered not right because it has a tropical climate. Founder Steak Hotel by Holycow, Wynda Mardio, recommends to pairing steak with fruit-flavoured tea, such as iced lemon tea. Another option is cold water to keep your tongue safe from other sensations other than the beef. In this way, you can find out the quality of the beef and its distinctive taste.

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