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How to Help Children Cope with Stress Learning during COVID-19 Lockdown

By Eskanisa R

09 November 2020

Responding to depression in children.

Photo source: Sleeptastic Solutions
Both parents and children are ‘forced’ to adapt new learning activities during this pandemic. They continue education through online learning from home until government decided to do school reopening.
Despite the pandemic itself, doing distance learning method is way just too much for parents in the house, trying  to do their own jobs while helping children with class work. Besides, the complex assignments, teaching materials may have been difficult.
According to World Health Organization, children may respond to stress in different ways such as being more clingy, anxious, withdrawing, angry or agitated, bedwetting and so forth. What can parents do to help children cope with stress during COVID-19 lockdown?

1. Stay Productive
Ensure children to stay productive by doing their hobbies may help them to not feel so overwhelmed while doing online learning. Take this opportunity to navigate their feelings during school reopening plans. You can make them feel at easy by having interesting activities before start online classes such as doing morning exercise with their favourite songs to improve mood.

2. Make Time to Socialise
You can’t be indoors with anyone you want to get along on COVID-19, but you can ensure childreen make time to connect with their school friends or teachers online. Invite other parents to hold a conference call where children can meet each other virtually and talk about their activities during lockdown.

3. A Reward
It doesn’t mean to be a pricey item. You can cook they favourite food, give them a sincere, tight hugs or compliments every single time they finish the classes or assignments as aform of apprecition. They may feel more cared and appreciated for things they have done. It’s also more likely that a strong parent-child bond will form.  

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