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How to Hold a Wedding Party at City Park

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06, March 2020

Are you and your partner planning a wedding? If so, do you dreaming of a different wedding reception than usual? If the answer is yes, maybe you can hold a wedding by using one of parks in Jakarta. Having a wedding in the middle of the green park, lush trees and cool air, will certainly be a moment that will never be forgotten. Then how to make it true?

It turns out the way is very easy, you only need to come to the village office that houses the park that you will choose. Don't forget to bring your Identity Card (KTP) and Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP). Later, you are asked to fill out the form that have been provided. The form is then submitted to the park guard as a notification that you are permitted to use the park to hold a wedding.

The village office will also give you some requirements that you must obey. For example, the spot that is allowed to hold an event. Even though you have obtained permission from the village office, other people are still have the freedom to do activities in the park. So that your wedding is not interrupted, you can give a sign or a barrier in the area where you hold a wedding.

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You are also prohibited from damaging plants in the park. To avoid this, you can outsmart by using decorations that are safe and do not damage plants. And the most important thing is, if the event is over, don't forget to clean the park.

One of the parks that have been used for wedding is Langsat Barito Park. Then what about the cost. According to information from Instagram @temantaman.jkt, park usage rate for wedding start at Rp 1,000,000. Very affordable, right?

Top photo credit: Instagram @isyekomariani

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.