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How to Make the Right Menu for Catering Business

By Isny Dewi R

10 December 2020

Several tips in determining the menu for running a catering business.

Photo source: Pixabay
Are you interested and intending to open a catering business? If so, then of course there are many things that must be considered, including in determining and arranging the menu. This is important because it can affect customer interest. If customers don't feel bored with the menu offered, it is not impossible that your catering business will last.
Launching, in the book "Short Course for Various Katering Businesses Laris Manis" (2013) written by Wulan Ayodya, there are several tips in determining the menu for running a catering business.
1. Providing Signature Dishes
Prospective customers will preview the menu offered, before choosing, and determine the menu to be ordered. So that customers are interested in using your catering service, you should offer a diverse menu, so that customers have many choices. Apart from that, they can also order a different menu every day.
Don't forget to provide information about signature menu of your catering business. This method can help new customers who are confused in choosing a menu. The signature menu will usually be considered by potential customers when choosing the menu offered. The signature menu is some food that characterizes your catering business.
2. Pay Attention to Nutrition
Even though your catering business provides a variety of menus, don't forget to pay attention to the nutrition in the menu. For example, a portion of a catering meal contains at least a balanced amount of good food for the body, such as protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins and good fats.
3. Providing Rice
For catering business that raises Indonesian food menu, you need to provide rice. Rice is a staple menu especially for most Indonesians. Furthermore, rice is combined with side dishes such as vegetable soup, stir-fry, any kin of fried, fruit, or other dishes.
4. Combine Dishes
As a catering business owner, you must be able to combine one food menu with another, such as soup with fried or stir-fry in one attractive package or container. If possible, you can also add dessert menu such as fruit, cake, or pudding.
5. Pay Attention to COGS and Profits
In a portion of catering menu, there is a description of the ingredients used, such as beef, fish, chicken, vegetables, and sometimes dishes from other countries. With the combination of menus according to these food ingredients, you must be able to make attractive and suitable menu choices without neglecting the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) and the benefits you get.

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