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Here's How to Play Among Us Game

By Isny Dewi R

09 October 2020

Among Us can be played online and offline using LAN or without an internet connection.

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Among Us, this simulation game made by InnerSloth has suddenly become a favorite game for people in many countries. Its popularity started when several gamers on Youtube, Reddit forum, social media, and several other channels, played this game. Especially during a pandemic where many people spend their time at home, making Among Us begin to be in demand. In addition, the game can be downloaded for free from your smartphone.
Among Us can be played online with other gamers, and offline using Local Area Network (LAN) or without an internet connection. With a note, all players, including you, must be in the same hotspot or WiFi network. So, how to play Among Us? Check out the methods below!
1. Playing Using LAN
If you want to use LAN, first open Among Us and select "Local" menu on the main page. Then, enter your name in the top column and click "Create Game". After that, the player will be moved to a kind of waiting room. Here, the host can click "Customize" icon to customize the character with your favorite color, hat, pet, map, and various in-game rules.
For your friends who want to enter the room you created, they only need to open Among Us game, click "Local" menu, and select the room listed in "Available Games". Make sure again that you and your friends are using the same hotspot / WiFi network. Because if not, then your friends can't find the room you created.
2. Play Online
But if you don't want to be in the same room with your friends because of the pandemic, take it easy, you can still play this game online. The method is easy. First of all, open Among Us and click "Online" menu. Then, choose the server you want such as Asia, North America, or Europe. We recommend you to play on Asian server. The reason is, the further away the server is from where you live, then there is a possibility that your internet connection will be interrupted.
After selecting the server, click "Create Game" menu. Next, select one of the three places (maps) available, then select the number of importers, chat settings, and the number of players, then, click "Confirm". Just like using LAN or offline, you will be transferred to the waiting room. Here, make sure the room is in "Private" not "Public" mode.
Then, share the six unique characters that are under the text "Code" with your friends. The code is located at the bottom, just below the "Start" button. If your friends want to join, they just need to enter Among Us, click "Online" button, and enter six characters code that have been previously shared.
The last, click the arrow icon to the right of the code. If it’s success, your friends will immediately be transferred to the waiting room that you have created. Make sure the server that your friends choose is the same as the room server you created. If it's wrong, your friends won't be able to find the room, even if the code entered is correct.

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